Scout Without Borders is a group formed of young people from different regions of the governorate of Sousse, Monastir and its suburbs and peripherals since 2017, see JORT N°53 of May 04, 2017 under the identify 2017403224APSF1R.N.E. 20217487, And who carry out several activities in many regions of Tunisia.

The international scout principles brought together these teenagers where some of them were trained within the Tunisian scout and others in their educational institutions and CSOs. As well as the fundamental principles of human rights of equality and citizenship.

Our activities aim to:

  • Train young future Leaders influencing their socio-economic and environmental surroundings
  • Practicing meaningful hiking and roaming, where Scouts learn the principles of volunteerism in development, social, environmental and educational fields.
  • Carry out societal projects especially to participate in regional and local development by involving young people, without discrimination of gender, social class or level of education, in the social life of those around them.